About - Kate Payne Portraits

I'm a photographer located in Phoenix Arizona.  I specialize in portraits, including individuals, couples and small families.  My passion and focus is photographing women and everyone that surrounds them with love.

After serving 18 years in the Army and a dozen years in corporate HR I decided to blend my fascination of people, art and my love of photography. 

I grew up in Los Angeles during the wonderful decades of the 60’s and 70’s.  I was encouraged to find creative ways of expressing myself which I tried to do while raising 3 artistic, versatile and good kids, I’m a wife and friend, and I've have had great loves and great losses just like you.

My favorite part about being a photographer is highlighting the human condition. By expressing emotions in a photograph you will see that my images are dark and sad, some are happy and vibrant, many are romantic or sexy. They are artful, intuitive and thought provoking and always try to give you something to think about.

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