About Us - Kate Payne Portraits

Welcome to my comfort zone! This is where I feel most at home. I’ve searched my entire life for my passion. I’ve done a great many things and I have a wonderful life. I was a solider in the Army, an Executive Assistant, Corporate Recruiter, and I’ve even done things like retail cashier and gas station attendant. I’m a mom, wife, friend and photographer. That’s what is so fabulous about life, it just transforms and goes on and you keep recreating opportunities.

My life is great, but it wasn’t until I started to pursue portrait photography that I realized it is the thing that gives me joy, that I can’t wait to do everyday. I’m so grateful to my friends and clients who have allowed me the privilege of taking their photographs. It’s a gift I love to give, it’s something really special and I want to share it with you.

Every person is unique and different and I celebrate my clients by offering a legacy of timeless, classic, elegant portraits that you will not only love and be proud of, but will be cherished for generations to come.

I have focused on portrait photography for over a decade. When I built my studio I knew I wanted to create a safe haven for clients so they could express and be themselves. Each of us has our own beauty and deserve a unique experience that empowers you to see yourself in an artful, intuitive or thought provoking way.