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TFP - Trade Shoots

Occasionally I post a model call for a specific look I want to add to my portfolio or just because I want to try something new.  This could be a look I saw I want to replicate, a location I would like to try out, or for a specific project.  Occasionally people contact me for trade shoots.  I enjoy doing these as it is where I learn the most and really challenge myself but also because I form some great relationships from it.  

I provide the following for trade shoots:

~ 1-2 hours of shooting time.  

~ up to 3 looks.  

~ 5 images, often more at no charge.  

~ Images come in low resolution web sized digital downloads within a week after the session.  

~ I don't spend a lot of time editing, if you want more editing or a specific type of final look or magazine quality it is $25 per image.  

~ If you want high resolution digital images without a watermark and print release please see my pricing page on my website. 

I never charge a session fee but with that being said if you are late (beyond the typical traffic, car trouble or sick kid reason) and don't contact me, we won't work together again.  I put a lot of time and effort into creating the session concept, setting up my gear and backdrops or traveling to an on location shoot and I do it for free so please communicate as quickly as you can if you can't make it or are going to be late.  I'm always on time and reliable - I just expect the same. 

When we first start to communicate about working together it is typically via email, online post, or direct message on social media.  I always direct you to this page, so you can see how I work and fill out the form.  This is when the online "chatting" has to transition to a confirmed date and time and then turn into email sharing one information and communication via text or calls.   

This form must be completed - I don't schedule TFP shoots via social media. 

Some guidelines and advice on how to prepare for a shoot with me:

1.  Don't color or cut your hair just before a shoot.  What I see on your most recent social media or model page is what I'm interested in.

 2.  I provide guidance on what I'd like too see for makeup.  Looking at the image here go with something in the middle.  I am a portrait photographer, so over applying mascara, eye liner or very heavy eye lashes (strips or extensions) isn't going to produce good results.  Less is more IMO.  Veer away from highly pigmented lipstick and eye shadow.  Matte's work best. Be sure to use a good primer and foundation, no spray tans, no fake tanning at least 2 weeks prior to a shoot.  Wear under garments that fit well.  I don't mind facial piercings but prefer jewelry to be run by me so I can provide my thoughts.  

3.  I need you to email or text me images of you wearing the outfits you have in mind 3-5 days prior to the shoot.  I'll tell you which ones will look best. My studio is 3/4 shots and up.  If you want full images head to toe the session has to take place on location.  

4.  If you aren't sure what you would like to do, try to find some inspiration on pinterest - from that I'll create a mood board to inspire you even further so you can match outfits, hair, makeup and overall sense of the concepts we are creating together.  I have limited wardrobe options in my studio, it's too hard to invest in this and meet everyones unique style and sizes.  

5.  Rules of the studio:  no photos are to be taken during the shoot except by me or my assistant. We can do a selfie together or you can do a selfie after the shoot but please ask first. No video is allowed in my studio.  No escorts, unless female.  My studio is a safe haven for women.  It is in my private home and I don't allow men I don't know in my home.  If the session is on location, you can have an escort but I must know in advance so I can also bring my own escort.  

If this seems silly, that's unfortunate but it isn't negotiable. 

Thanks !


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